Royalty free music

Sevenskiesmusic, mixing audio and free royalty music marketplace (SSM) is a great site for users interested in royalty-free music. A perfect platform for music fans or composers, who eagerly want to promote their music tracks and become popular in the jungle of music framework.
SSM is composed of a very ambitious team of people, who have been struggling for years to become one of the best and prominent marketplaces to offer royalty-free music on the Internet. SSM take care of your compositions and thoroughly check and verify all the tracks in order to keep a high level of standards. Quality and reliability are their brands.

- Genres of music.
In SSM all genres of music are represented, whether you like / create rock, jazz, pop, blues, techno, ethnic, fusion, jazz, dance, metal, western, corporate or even instrumental tracks, they’re all included in their catalog. You can browse all sorts of items using their powerful site engine. Options are, by gender, decade, mood or even by instruments. They also provide useful statistics for every piece of music like title, author and price as long as number of plays or downloads, which helps the visitors to know the popularity of each track.

- High quality standards.
Anyway, remember that in SSM are very selective and are not accepting but good quality and creative works. They just don’t want to prevent you from sending your mp3 files, but remember this is a professional site, not a place for newbies in the music industry. Anyway, you lose nothing, just give them a try! Feel free to submit your lovely songs and creations. Thousands of new listeners are waiting for your creative items!

If your stuff is accepted, they'll do their best to get your music placed in their site. They expect this mutual collaboration becomes a win-win game: SSM will expand their catalogue, open their doors to new tracks and in exchange for it, you’ll get your piece of the cake according to your popularity in the SSM site.

Whether you are a rising composer or a music enthusiast, this a remarkable place to find new high quality music compositions from novel authors, or to look into new refreshing experiences.

- Artists.
Do you really feel you are a gifted musician, able to write inspirational musical pieces, but you hardly have an idea how to get profit from your job? There is a gap in the misty clouds and it’s called SSM. A leading website, one of the best in its kind. They have the knowledge to promote your tracks to millions of users on the Internet.

- Authors and supervisors. How to proceed.
For authors, the formula is as simple as following these several simple steps:
Create beautiful music, submit your tracks, sign a paper and get paid, that’s all you have to do if you’re an author.

For supervisors, the reverse options are as easy as described below:
Find your track in their big stock, choose the appropriate track from their authors, pay the affordable price and receive the music in your email. As easy as pie.

Please feel free to contact them if you have any doubt in the process of getting or submitting music to their site.
They’ll be glad to answer all your questions or explain how the procedure works.

- Submit your tracks.
Now, you know you can take advantage of this excellent platform and get the piece of fame (and profitability) you deserve. Success is waiting for you. Dare to make the first step: send your most appealing tracks to their email. Use mp3-128 kbps format. They can also accept a direct link to your files. If your music suits their library, you will be required to send them .wav files of accepted tracks. Royalty free music